Ma Baseema Cookbook


Presenting a meal to guests is import to Chaldean people and we always strive to entertain warmly and joyously to everyone in our home. Great effort is made in ensuring that our guests are comfortable and enjoying their meal. Hospitality is highly valued, whether a person is a dear friend or merely an acquaintance, whether formally invited or spontaneously dropped by.

Meals are more often a festive, casual experience than a formal one. If you are a host, remember to say fathalo, which means do me the honor, when you invite the guests to come to the table. Awafi! (Bon Appetite!). Enjoy yourself, excite your senses, and do it in good health. Thank you and Fathalo the Chaldean American Ladies of Charity invite you to come to our table to share and enjoy meals that are time honored tradition in the Chaldean culture.